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Top 10 Places To Visit In Skopje

Skopje is the capital and largest city of North Macedonia. It is the country's political, cultural, economic, and academic center. The territory of Skopje has been inhabited since at least 4000 BC; remains of Neolithic settlements have been found within the old Kale Fortress that overlooks the modern city center. During a stay in Skopje, you can explore the ancient city

Prespa Lake

The highest lake in the Balkans. Second largest lake in Macedonia. Among Prespa Lake and the largest lake in Macedonia, Ohrid Lake, lays the mountain Galicica below which runs underwater channel called Zavir. From here, the water flows in the springs of St. Naum, and from there it fills Lake Ohrid. The coast of Prespa Lake is the purest one

Tsar’s Towers

The witness of the fall of the last Macedonian tsar. This place existed since the establishment of the city, in early ancient times. However, first evidence for its existence comes from the 11th century, when the Byzantine emperor Basil II issued the order that the walls around Strumica are to be burned to cinder. The fortress tales a tale that

Strumica Carnival

The festival of the engaged girls. Centuries old tradition of Strumica, started out as a pagan feast but now is connected with the orthodox holiday Trimmer, just before Easter. After the carnival procession, the groups of masked people go to the houses of the engaged girls. Each girl is to recognize her fiance among the masked people. The traditional masks


The starry city. So many stars can be seen on the clear night sky over the valley of Strumica, the city which was known in ancient times as Astraion (starry city). Later on, the city was renamed and became known as Tiberiopolis, according to the Roman general Tiberius. Slavs called it Strumica – according to one version of the local

Smolare Waterfall

The sound of Belasica. On the northern slopes of one of the oldest mountains in the Balkans roars Smolare Waterfall. The icy waters of the river Smolare form an amazing waterfall with a total vertical drop of 40 meters. The visit of the waterfall offers a unique experience mostly because one can come across many villages that have preserved the

Monastery In Vodoca

Magnificent medieval center of the metropolitans in Strumica. Monastery that holds the remnants of several ancient churches since the 7th century, on whose foundations is built the beautiful temple dedicated to the saint Leontius in the 11th century, and to Eleusa. This is a site where more than 1,000 medieval tombs were discovered alongside with jewelry and ceramics from the

Monastery In Veljusa

One of the most important places in the cultural history of the Balkans. The only preserved building in Macedonia since the 11th century. Concerning the church, St. Bogorodica has a wealth of historical documentation; the monastery is mentioned in the documents of the largest Orthodox sanctuary, Sveta Gora (Holy Hill); and is depicted in the works of the Byzantine emperor


The Macedonian whiskey. In the vicinity of Strumica a herb, called anason, is cultivated. When dry, this herb has specific odor and bitter taste. The anason is also used for healing  purposes, especially for difficulties in digestion. The tradition of making mastika is ongoing for more than three centuries. Being prepared with wine distillate, honey and anason seeds, this particular

Koleshino Waterfalls

The jewel of the Macedonian waterfalls. One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Macedonia. Across the old rocks of the northern side of the mountain Belasica, river Babuna forms several waterfalls in a row, the most impressive one having a vertical drop of about 6 meters. Extraordinary picturesque nature contributes to memorable experience when visiting these waterfalls. The rocks under