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Skopje, Macedonia

Beautiful fracture in the midst of Suva Gora. Place that ought to be visited by everyone who comes in Skopje. Canyon filled with twenty caves and several abysses, and a place to a wonderful and memorable lake. The specific history of the area contributed for the life of rare plants and animals, remainders of the last ice age. According to the calculations, 20 percent of the life in Matka belongs to the endemic species: undiscovered spiders, scorpions, and about 84 species of butterflies that are impossible to be found anywhere else in the Balkans. Matka is a haven for all the passionate fans of caves. Vrelo, Krshtalnata Peshtera and Ubava are just some of possible windows that overlook to the womb of the earth, which, in turn, is filled with wonderful shapes and strange animal species. Near Skopje, Matka is the most important center for alpine mountaineering. The season begins in spring and lasts until November. This miracle of nature gives even greater pleasure if one also considers the two medieval churches, St. Andrej from the 14th century and St. Nikola Shishovski from the 17th century.

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