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Monastery In Veljusa

Strumica, Macedonia

One of the most important places in the cultural history of the Balkans. The only preserved building in Macedonia since the 11th century. Concerning the church, St. Bogorodica has a wealth of historical documentation; the monastery is mentioned in the documents of the largest Orthodox sanctuary, Sveta Gora (Holy Hill); and is depicted in the works of the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus who visited the monastery and was elated by its beauty. It is also mentioned in the works of the Serbian Tsar Stefan Dusan in the 14th century. This pearl of old architecture is preserved in the same way it was built. Artists used all kinds of techniques such as unique frescoes, mosaic and relief on the marble parts of the iconostasis. According to the ambition of the founder, this monastery is unique in every aspect. With its artistic values and precious objects the monastery is above everything else in the region Strumica.

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