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Mustafa Pasha Mosque

Skopje, Macedonia

Noble beauty that watches over the Old Bazaar in Skopje. Impressive work of Islamic architecture in Macedonia, built in 1492 by the respectable Commander Mustafa Pasha. His eternal resting place, as well as to his young daughter Uma. A complex of several buildings, the mosque, Mustafa Pasha’s turbeh, Uma’s sarcophagus, fountain, several grave ornaments and remnants of former Imaret and madrassa. Each unique in its existence, but also proud participant in what is now recognized to be a symbol of Skopje. The portal of the mosque has a significant meaning; it is highly valued for its technique of production, high sophistication and aesthetics. The interior of the building, filled with fine lines of cases, calligraphic inscriptions and decorations, simply re-affirms the priceless value of this place.

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