Exploring Tourism in Macedonia
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Skopje, Macedonia

Antique twin of today’s Skopje, only 5 km from the capital of Macedonia. Former settlement of the legions of the Roman emperor Tiberius, which some 2,000 years ago becomes remarkable center with monumental theater. Third Archdiocese after Rome and Constantinople, a place where the emperor Justinian himself was born. Archdiocese of the 4th century which was also the home of the Emperor Theodosius. Settlement that continues to thrive all the way up to the 11th century even after the devastating earthquake from the 6th century. City that will allow you to breathe in a time long gone now just by walking through the preserved several main street intersections. Site of the largest ancient theater that has been found in Macedonia. Place ornamented with mosaics, a city bathroom... City Cemetery that tells stories about the lives of a respected writer, bar dancers, Jewish sarcophagus buried in lead, and learned surgeon. 

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