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St. Naum

Ohrid, Macedonia

A witness of the medieval age with stunning view over the lake. Resting place of St.Naum, one of the best pupils of St. Cyril and Methodius. It is believed that his relics have healing powers. Magnificent church made of stone and brick. The church was originally built with the foundation of the monastery in the 9th century, but has been restored in the 16th century. Ever since, the church has survived with less noticeable upgrades. The frescoes from 19th century are depicting scenes of the miracles which were performed by St. Naum. Particularly interesting are the wood-carvings made in  18th century, which reflect the strong artistic influence from Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain). The remains of the Glagolitic and Cyrillic inscriptions can be found on the pillars of the Church. Dating from the 10th century, they are a mute witness of the beginnings of Slavic literacy. Wonderful landscaped complex that is a home to colorful birds of paradise. Located near the clear lake, close to the spring of river Crn Drin, which is covered by willows and accompanied by rare freshwater turtles. 

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