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Strumica Carnival

Strumica, Macedonia

The festival of the engaged girls. Centuries old tradition of Strumica, started out as a pagan feast but now is connected with the orthodox holiday Trimmer, just before Easter. After the carnival procession, the groups of masked people go to the houses of the engaged girls. Each girl is to recognize her fiance among the masked people. The traditional masks among the modern carnival creations, are the ones of the bride and the groom, gipsy and gipsy with a baby, priests, and devils. Often, men wear female masks and vice-versa. Many erotic elements can be found in the festival: songs with erotic motifs, recognizing the boys by the big phallus made of bottle or similar objects. The traditional sounds which can be heard during the festival belong to the guitar, accordion and tambourine. Today, thanks to this festival, Strumica is a part of the Association of European carnival cities.

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