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Strumica, Macedonia

The starry city. So many stars can be seen on the clear night sky over the valley of Strumica, the city which was known in ancient times as Astraion (starry city). Later on, the city was renamed and became known as Tiberiopolis, according to the Roman general Tiberius. Slavs called it Strumica – according to one version of the local legend, the name Strumica was also the name of the sister of the legendary Macedonian king Marko. The Tsar’s Towers from the 11th century witness the fall of the last Macedonian tsar, Samuel. Today this is one of the largest Macedonian cities, the center of the whole southeastern region. The city of peppers and tomatoes, the city of watermelons, cotton, sunflower… Stumica is the heart of the Macedonian agriculture. The city of mastika, brandy with a specific anason flavor, the city that host the Carnival during the orthodox holiday Trimeri.

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