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Skopje, Macedonia

Macedonian Jordan. The mythical River Axios is one of the most important geographic, economic and historical highlights of Macedonia. The river rises from a wonderful spring in the village of Vrutok, located at the foot of the huge mountain Shar Planina. Here is the place where one of the oldest hydro power plants was build in former Yugoslavia. One may also find in the village the monastery St. Mina and the church St. Archangel Michael. Vardar runs through Gostivar, Skopje and Veles and, on its course around the country, water flows in from several major tributaries, such as rivers Pena, Pcinja, Lepenec, Treska, Babuna, as well as Crna Reka and Bregalnica. The river Vardar managed to create several gorges: Dervens, Veles, Tikvesh, and Demir Kapija gorge. Above Vardar, in the city of Skopje, was built the symbol of the city - the Stone Bridge. The most famous football club in Macedonia has been named after this river. Vardar runs through Greece and flows into the Aegean Sea.

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