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Ubava Peak Tour

Ubava Peak Tour Packages
Country: Macedonia
City: Skopje
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Karadzica mountain is part of the central mountainous massif Jakupica, also known as the “belly button of Macedonia”. The most notable and highest peak is Solunska Glava (2540m), but this time we suggest you to visit the northern part of the massif – the peaks Ostri vrv and Ubava, and two beautiful glacial lakes – Salakovski ezera.

This moderate and round tour begins and ends in the village of Patishka Reka (850m), 45km from Skopje’s downtown. We start off to the east of the village cutting through a dirt road and passing by pastures and beech-wood forests, heading towards Pepeljak peak ridge (2000m), and in about two hours we should reach one of the arms of the massif (at about 1800m) from where a full panorama opens up of the whole massif - the peak Solunska glava dominates our horizon and our next point the peak Ubava is in one-hour reach (“Beautiful peak” 2353m). In about 45min from Ubava peak we should hike down to Salakavski lakes (about 2000m), and enjoy a lunch break by the two largest glacial lakes in the whole massif. From there we climb back to the ridge and follow a deviation from it, that will lead us to Ostri vrv (2330m) – a ridge that sheer drops on its northern side opening an opportunity for wild goat and deer herds sightings. From there, we should follow a path into a deep valley surrounded by emerging steep hills of oak and beech-wood forests and in about 2 hours we should be back at Patishka reka.

Price includes:

* Transport by van / minibus

* Lunch & energy snacks included

* Expert leadership by Macedonia Travel guide

* Organization by Macedonia Travel

Price doesn’t include:

* Drinks during the meals

* Any individual costs

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